Elevate to Smart, QR- Powered Wireless Intercoms

Scan, Connect, Communicate—without sharing your number.

Beyond Wires and Numbers
Discover the QR Intercom Revolution and Embrace the freedom of wireless technology with our intercoms. No cables, no clutter, just seamless, reliable communication wherever you choose to install. Experience unbound convenience and connectivity

Product Features
Explore the Advanced Features That Make Our Intercom System Exceptional.
Instant Video/Audio Alerts

Connect easily using only a smartphone camera, no phone numbers.

Real-Time Messaging

Message in case call is not picked or not in position to pick up calls.

Call Logs

Complete history of calls with timestamps

Call Queue / Routing / Forwarding

Forward calls when busy

Dual Mode Browser & App

No App mandatorily required for initiating call

Call back

Call back and Connect with missed visitors

Live Preview

See who's at your door before answering the call. .


Calls initiated only when visitors are at your doorstep.

Why Choose Us
Discover the Difference: 4 Compelling Reasons to Choose Us for Your Needs.

Hassle-free, affordable communication with endless QR codes, better than traditional intercoms.

Experience simplicity with Codebell

No setup, wiring, or maintenance; zero power, lightweight for hassle-free communication.

Advanced features

Offers video calling, real-time messaging, and more for versatile productivity enhancement.

Unlimited Mobility

Codebell enables limitless, internet-based communication anywhere, not restricting users to one location.

Customer Feedback
Insightful Customer Feedback: Your Thoughts Matter to Us

“Outstanding! CarConnect is a game-changer for car owners. The QR code technology and privacy assurance are incredible.”


Sanjay Patel

from Ahmedabad

“Exceptional! CarConnect is a fantastic product! As a single woman living in Bangalore, I appreciate the added security it provides.”


Rajesh Kumar

from Mumbai

“Home Link makes our apartment feel like a close-knit community. We help each other and keep our homes safe. It's like a friendly digital neighborhood watch. ”


Bishnu Sharma

from West Bengal

“Codebell Connect is a breeze for Chennai residents. Efficient QR code calling and versatile features, without complex setup, make it an ideal choice.”


Sheela Bhattacharjee

from Dhanbad

“Remarkable product! CarConnect is a savior for those who face obstructive parking issues regularly. ”


Riya Patel

from Ahmedabad
Frequently Asked Questions
Discover Valuable Insights in Our FAQs - Your Common Questions, Expertly Answered.
How can I order Codebell for myself?

You may order Codebell through any of the leading e-retailers such as Amazon, Flipkart as well as from our website.

Is Codebell easy to use?

Yes, Codebell is easy to use. It uses QR codes for communication, which are simple to scan using a smartphone camera. The cloud-based communication system is also user-friendly, providing complete control over every point of every facility.

Can codebell be installed in office spaces & shops

Yes! Codebell can be installed in any premises, a seamless solution for staying connected while prioritizing your privacy.

Does Geofencing works for Cars & Bike

NO! Geofencing only works for Home, Office and Shops.

Do I have to pay for codebell scanner device?

No, There is no extra cost for scanner device, It’s included in Yearly subscription

Does Codebell require any special hardware or equipment to work?

No, Codebell does not require any special hardware or equipment to work. The cloud-based communication system can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. No hardware, Nothing to install, No app download(for visitor), Built on the cloud, Just a QR code

Is my data is secured with codebell

Yes! Securely connect with CodeBell owners without sharing phone numbers/personal details - end-to-end encryption ensures third-party cannot access communication.

What is QR Video Intercom and how does it work?

QR Video Intercom is a cloud-based communication system that allows users to manage every point of every facility with ease. Users simply place their QR code anywhere for unparalleled communication and support. It enables users to connect with representatives for assistance and support, making it a powerful tool for businesses and individuals who value efficient and personalized communication.

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