Codebell Car Safety Tag - What is it and What are its Advantages?

Discover how Codebell's car safety tag technology is revolutionizing communication, solving obtrusive parking, towing, and privacy challenges

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26 June, 2023


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Vishnu Sharma

Imagine this: you’re heading to a mall or a restaurant, ready to enjoy your time, perhaps along with friends and family. However, when you reach there, you find a tightly-packed parking lot that can barely squeeze in another car. You look around, but there’s no attendant there to help you out. You can’t leave your car there unattended, obstructing other vehicles. Perhaps someone might find this too annoying and even damage your car!

What can you do in this scenario? Codebell has the solution!

Well, Codebell has introduced an innovative solution that aims to revolutionize communication through the innovative Car Safety Tag technology. It comprises a vehicle tag with a scannable QR code, which you can stick to your vehicle. If someone wishes to communicate with you, all they need to do is scan the QR code, and they’ll instantly be connected to you via a audio/video call.

Innovative, isn’t it? Well, this isn’t the only challenge Codebell tackles!

Let’s delve a little deeper into the core issues Codebell's car safety tag solves and explores how its technology enhances convenience, safety, and efficiency.

1. Wrong Parking/Obstructive Parking

As stated above, one of the primary frustrations for car drivers is finding improperly parked vehicles that obstruct traffic flow, on the road or in a parking lot. Such instances often lead to road rage and even vehicle damage. Codebell's ingenious solution comes to the rescue by allowing individuals to easily contact vehicle owners through a simple scan of the QR code affixed to the windshield. This seamless communication channel eliminates the need for confrontations and enables swift resolution, promoting harmony on the roads and mitigating the risk of any vehicular damage.

2. Vehicle Towed Away by Traffic Police

Another challenge faced by drivers is the fear of having their vehicles towed away due to parking violations, especially when you leave your car by the side of a road. Often, car owners run from pillar to post, just to find out that their car has been taken away by the cops. Codebell comes in handy in these situations. With Codebell, vehicle owners can receive real-time notifications from the traffic police, alerting them to the issue. This immediate communication empowers owners to rectify the situation promptly, preventing unnecessary inconvenience and potential costs associated with vehicle impoundment.

3. Accident/First Responders' Connection

During accidents, first responders often face difficulties in contacting the family members or emergency contacts of the involved parties. Codebell offers a practical solution by enabling emergency responders to initiate video calls with the vehicle owner's registered contacts. This swift connection allows them to promptly inform loved ones about the situation, enhancing the overall response time and ensuring that families receive crucial information without delay.

4. Privacy and Spam Calls

When parking their vehicle in an obstructive manner, thoughtful drivers often leave their contact information on its windshield. However, it exposes them to privacy breaches, unsolicited calls, and worst of all, financial scams. Codebell eliminates this concern by offering a secure and direct communication channel. Visitors can simply scan the QR code, initiating a video call without the need for exchanging personal phone numbers. This ensures privacy protection while facilitating effective communication between visitors and vehicle owners.

5. No App Download Required

With the ever-increasing number of apps for every task, visitors often hesitate to download yet another application solely for a specific interaction. Codebell resolves this reluctance by eliminating the need for app downloads. Through a simple QR code scan, visitors can instantly establish a video call, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience. This user-friendly approach enhances accessibility, ensuring that anyone with a smartphone can utilize the Codebell service without any additional steps or requirements.


Codebell's innovative scan-to-call technology is revolutionizing communication for vehicle owners. By addressing prevalent challenges such as wrong parking, vehicle towing, accident response, privacy invasion, and app fatigue, Codebell enhances convenience, safety, and efficiency for both vehicle owners and any concerned party. With its seamless and secure communication platform, Codebell paves the way for a more harmonious and interconnected automotive ecosystem.

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