Stay in Touch with Your Vehicle from Anywhere, Anytime with CarConnect

Get Notified when your car needs attention.

Product Features
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Seamless Communication

Instant audio/video calls from passerby/parking attendants

Real-Time Messaging

Message in case call is not picked or not in position to pick up calls.

Call Logs

Complete history of calls with timestamps

Call Forwarding

Route calls to another contact when you're busy.

Codebell Car

Effortless Car Owner Communication via CarConnect QR Codes

QR Code Technology: Connect with visitors using QR codes, no phone numbers needed.

Privacy Assurance: Protect your mobile number while staying connected to your vehicle.

24/7 Availability: CarConnect is ready to work round-the-clock, all year long.

Browser & App Compatibility: Choose how you connect, browser or app.

Why Choose Us
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Obstructive/Wrong Parking

If your vehicle is wrongly parked, Car Connect's QR code lets others contact you for a safe resolution.

Swift Towing Alert

When traffic police scan Car Connect's QR, you receive instant towing notifications or messages, ensuring easy vehicle retrieval.

Emergency Notifications

Car Connect ensures that in accidents, first responders can notify family members while preserving privacy.

Privacy Assurance

Protect your mobile number while staying connected to your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Will I get notifications automatically if I have parked the vehicle in no parking or wrong parking?

You will not be automatically notified of wrong parking. It is only when someone scans the CarConnect on your vehicle and calls you, you will be informed of the wrong parking.

Will I get notifications automatically if my vehicle is towed away ?

You will not get automatic notifications/alerts in case your vehicle is towed. CarConnect provides a means for the traffic police to contact you in case of towing. It will not auto alert or notify. Only when traffic police scans CarConnect, you can get on a call with the concerned person and be notified about the towing.

Can I track the current location of my vehicle ?

No, you cannot track current location of your vehicle using CarConnect. Since it does not include a GPS tracker device, it cannot provide real time location updates.

Customer Feedback
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“Outstanding! CarConnect is a game-changer for car owners. The QR code technology and privacy assurance are incredible.”


Rajesh Kumar

from Mumbai

“Remarkable product! CarConnect is a savior for those who face obstructive parking issues regularly. ”


Sanjay Patel

from Ahmedabad

“CarConnect is a game-changer for car owners. The QR code technology and privacy assurance are incredible. ”


Priya Sharma

from Delhi

“Exceptional! CarConnect is a fantastic product! As a single woman living in Bangalore, I appreciate the added security it provides.”


Anjali Singh

from Bangalore

“Terrific innovation! Codebell's CarConnect is a technological marvel.. The QR code technology and swift towing alerts are my favorite features. Moreover.”


Rahul Verma

from Kolkata
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