Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Codebell and what does it do?

Codebell is a QR video intercom technology that enables secure and private communication between two users. It offers a great option for businesses and individuals who value their privacy while staying connected.

Is Codebell easy to use ?

Yes, Codebell is easy to use. It uses QR codes for communication, which are simple to scan using a smartphone camera. The cloud-based communication system is also user-friendly, providing complete control over every point of every facility.

Can codebell be installed in office spaces & shops

Yes! Codebell can be installed in any premises, a seamless solution for staying connected while prioritizing your privacy.

Does Geofencing works for Cars & Bike

NO! Geofencing only works for Home, Office and Shops.

How can I order a codebell for my self ?

You may order Codebell through any of the leading e-retailers such as Amazon, Flipkart as well as from our website.

Do I have to pay for codebell scanner device ?

No, There is no extra cost for scanner device, It’s included in Yearly subscription

Does Codebell require any special hardware or equipment to work ?

No, Codebell does not require any special hardware or equipment to work. The cloud-based communication system can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. No hardware, Nothing to install, No app download(for visitor), Built on the cloud, Just a QR code

Is my data is secured with codebell ?

Yes! Securely connect with CodeBell owners without sharing phone numbers/personal details - end-to-end encryption ensures third-party cannot access communication.

What is QR Video Intercom and how does it work ?

QR Video Intercom is a cloud-based communication system that allows users to manage every point of every facility with ease. Users simply place their QR code anywhere for unparalleled communication and support. It enables users to connect with representatives for assistance and support, making it a powerful tool for businesses and individuals who value efficient and personalized communication.

What are the advantages of using HomeLink ?

1. In case you are outside your home (Vacation, Office, Market), any visitor can connect with you and you can answer your door from anywhere, anytime. The visitor need not know your phone number in order to connect with you.

2. Neighbors can connect with you in case of any emergency or work that they might have. In present times, people generally do not have one another’s phone number. Bu using HomeLink, everyone is connected yet maintain their privacy.

3. Deliveries can be well coordinated and result in lower missed deliveries or reattempts.

Is HomeLink a CCTV Camera ?

No , its not a CCTV camera. Neither does it serve as an alternative for CCTV camera.

I already have a CCTV camera and I can find out who visited my premises. Why would I need HomeLink ?

CCTV doesn’t send you an alert and there is no way to find out when a visitor arrives. You will need to check the entire day footage to find out who all visited. This is neither practical not recommended.

Will I get notifications automatically if I have parked the vehicle in no parking or wrong parking?

You will not be automatically notified of wrong parking. It is only when someone scans the CarConnect on your vehicle and calls you, you will be informed of the wrong parking.

Will I get notifications automatically if my vehicle is towed away ?

You will not get automatic notifications/alerts in case your vehicle is towed. CarConnect provides a means for the traffic police to contact you in case of towing. It will not auto alert or notify. Only when traffic police scans CarConnect, you can get on a call with the concerned person and be notified about the towing.

Can I track the current location of my vehicle ?

No, you cannot track current location of your vehicle using CarConnect. Since it does not include a GPS tracker device, it cannot provide real time location updates.